The Unique Maratha Lifestyle

Indian traditions and customs are different from distinct states. The spiritual values and the grandiose customs revealing unity make the Indian culture vibrant and colorful. The vibrant tradition of a place can also be professional during festival times.

The people of Maharashtra are commonly called as Marathi people. Mostly, Marathi people are settled in the state with a small population scattered in other Indian states. The state of Maharashtra is the third largest state making the population of Marathi people tremendous in the country. The people from this state have varied customs and traditions. The culture of Maharashtra has not changed over the years and it has welcomed the small changes with the times.

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The people of Maratha have a distinctive culture and you can experience this uniqueness in all walks of life. Attend any Maratha Matrimony function and you will determine the richness of the Maratha culture. Many ceremonies and traditions in a wedding help in defining the tradition of the place.

The Attire of Marathi People

The everyday attire of Marathi people clearly defines the distinct culture of the state. Marathi women wear colorful saris and blouses. The draping of saris in Maharashtra is unique. The saris in the state are worn dhoti style. For regular events, the elderly Marathi women wear saris. The young women wear embroidered choli (blouse) and usually encrusted with fake jewels.

The traditional attire of Marathi men are dhotis and phetas. With the modifying lifestyle and busy work schedules, this is exchanged by shirt-trousers for everyday wear. During Maratha Matrimony events, you can find men wearing the traditional look.

The Traditional Dance of Maharashtra

Music and Dance are part of the culture of Marathi people. Marathi music gives the listeners a placid feeling. The regional music is nice combination of tunes and smart rhymes. The songs are fantastic and when sung with dance forms like Koli or Povada makes for a visual treat. There is also another famous dance form of Maharashtra known as Lavani. Watching the Lavani is feel great experience. Every town and district of Maharashtra have their own set of folk songs and dance forms. Some popular fold dances are the Tamasha and Dhangri Gaja. Besides these, the Kala and Dindi are two other well-known dance forms.

The Food of Maharashtra

Move every hundred mile and you will have a various food variety in India. The state of Maharashtra has its own unique cuisine with regional variations. Most of the food habits of Marathi people are the same. The people from the plains are mostly vegetarians. Coastal regions Marathi people indulge in a variety of seafood. Some of the popular dishes from Maharashtra are puran poli, batata wada, ukdiche Modak, and the famous Kande-pohe and vada pav.

With times, the culture of the state is going through some changes. People from other states coming and settling in cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur for work purposes has an indirect influence on the tradition. The mix of people makes the tradition of the state more vibrant. The change is welcome yet the custom is maintained.

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